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Rotary Paddle: MAXIMA 24V DC

Rotary Paddle: MAXIMA 24V DC
Product Code: BC-730-0536
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Model : MAXIMA+24 DC

The MAXIMA+ is our state-of-the-art, microprocessor based, fail-safe and fool-proof rotary level indicator. The distinguishing feature of the MAXIMA+ is its ability to continously self diagnose itself, and in the event of a failure, gives an immediate warning and instantaneous corrective response. This means the MAXIMA+ is the rotary of choice whenever it's crucial that continous operation of the unit must be confirmed.

All models of MAXIMA+ are hazardous location approved,  C/US listed for Class II, Groups E,F & G and feature a visual LED status light monitoring paddle rotation, paddle covered, and fault conditions. Complete with DPDT relay contacts and SPDT normal and fault relay contact, and FDA recognised powder coated finish.

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